Daedalus Theatre Company

I’ve been either running, or co-running, Daedalus Theatre Company for a while. It’s aim is to create a space for innovate cross-disciplinary arts, working as democratically as possibly and crossing the gap between professional practice as community participation by creating professional-led projects that invite some kind of creative participation.

We make devised theatre based on research, as well as running a storytelling group and artist development activities. You can find out more at www.daedalustheatre.co.uk.

A Tower Hamlets-based, LGBTQ-led charity, it aims to create excellent research-based performance & provide opportunities for artistic development for arts professionals and community members. Previous projects include:

Selfish, commissioned by the Arches, Glasgow, an exploration of selfhood in the contemporary world:

… a huge emotional momentum …a serious, true and compassionate feeling for the human condition in the image-driven age of Big Brother; and a deep musicality about the expression of that feeling that finally becomes irresistible.

– Joyce MacMillan, the Scotsman, on Selfish

A Place at the Table, commissioned by Camden Peoples Theatre. This investigated the 1993 Burundian coup, using original research and collaboration with writers and activists. The audience sat around a huge table which opened to reveal secrets buried in soil, then became a meeting point with food & conversations blossoming between public, activists & survivors.

… amazing and a touch overwhelming. This is a strong, thought provoking production that from the start makes the audience part of the performance…. It manages to force you to think beyond a monstrous period in history and reflect on current human experiences from Gaza to Brixton… you will leave this production having had a life-altering experience.

– Elvina Quaison, Afridiziak, on A Place at the Table

…engrossingly complex and starkly beautiful… Its vision of communities founded on myths as fundamental and sustaining as the land is vividly reflected in director/designer Paul Burgess’s stunning set… Its un-showy cast bring to life with powerful immediacy the stories of those not able to speak for themselves, full of hurt, loss and hope.

 – Time Out on A Place at the Table

Current projects I’m leading or co-leading for Daedalus are: East a storytelling community project with workshops, performances & events in Tower Hamlets, East Archive, an online archive of stories from East London’s diverse communities, and Mobile Incitement, a group of projects exploring radical history, folk song and the state of protest and radicalism today.