I’m a East London (UK) based designer and artist, with sidelines in activism, folk music, writing and teaching. My artistic interests often lie around queerness, ecology, social change and the creative process itself.

My specialism is the design of sets, costumes and projections for performance. I’m also the artistic director of Daedalus Theatre Company. This site is my blog but it’s also an online portfolio for my work as as a theatre designer, visual artist and video designer, as well my work with Scale, Daedalus and other collaborators.

I’m on the committee of the Society of British Theatre Designers. I’m also part of the Scene Change and Freelancers Make Theatre Work networks and a member of Equity. I helped found The King’s Hall Trust for the Arts, and am currently its chair. I occasionally teach theatre design and sustainable theatre practice as a visiting lecturer, and have previously taught at universities including Goldsmiths and the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, and the National College of Arts in Pakistan.

I’m committed to making my design practice sustainable and am the co-ordinator of the SBTD’s Sustainable Design Group, which I also co-founded. I am part of the core team running Ecostage, which I helped relaunch at COP26, as well as being a signatory to the Ecostage Pledge. I’m on the Environmental Responsibility sub committee of the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, and a member of the International Green Culture Tools Meet-up,

Outside of theatre, I am a content creator (including writing two books) and English language consultant for Angkriz Academy, I play the fiddle and write/arrange music for South London’s premier gay socialist folk band (as far as we know) and other music projects, and am an activist with Tower Hamlets Green Party, where I design print and digital material not just for the THGP but also for other local parties across London.

(Please note, I’m having some issues with some photo credits not displaying, or displaying in ways that block pictures. Please bear with me as I sort it out. In the meantime, get in touch if you need any show info/credits. Do also shout if you want to see my more recent work such as Telethon and Bubble Dreams, which haven’t yet been added.)